The CJEU does not require to disclosing users’ IP addresses

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has concluded in a recent judgment, that the Directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights (2004) does not oblige the courts of member States to disclose the IP address or telephone number of users that upload unauthorized content. However, the CJEU leaves sufficient margin for […]

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360º Advertising: in the spotlight of the Competition Authority and the courts

The Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) has set its focus on 360º marketing and already sanctioned several production companies for broadcasting undercover advertising. One of such sanctions was recently analysed by the Supreme Court, which confirmed the 324,000 euros fine that the CNMC had imposed on Mediaset for undercover advertising of parapharmaceutical products on the program […]

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Limits on industrial designs protecting packaging: for the General Court of the European Union the external appearance is crucial 

The European Court of Justice has issued an important decision for the packaging industry which helps to better define the scope of protection that is granted to packaging and with it, the strategy that should be followed both when preparing the application as well as when assessing the likelihood of success in a case of […]

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