The Supreme Court confirms that a third party may not use the ZARA trademark.

The Supreme Court has confirmed that the use of another’s trademark to identify the prize in an advertising campaign constitutes an act of trademark infringement and ordered the infringer to pay compensation for damages. A recent judgment from the Supreme Court has condemned Buongiorno for reproducing the ZARA trademark on a gift card offered as […]

protección marcas desigual

The protection of fashion and applied art under criminal law: the Supreme Court rules on the Desigual case

The Supreme Court has delivered a judgment that bolsters copyright protection for works of applied art under criminal law: It sets an important precedent in Spain in distinguishing design as an art that deserves protection under both criminal as well as civil law. The world of fashion design, in which aesthetics are woven into practicality, […]

Fresh blow to counterfeiters: they will have to indemnify trademark owners for moral damage, even if they have not sold the counterfeit products

For the first time, the Supreme Court’s criminal chamber has upheld the existence of indemnifiable moral damage where there has been no actual sale of counterfeit products; an issue which, until now, has not escaped dispute. A Supreme Court ruling last 13 July establishes that the mere possession of counterfeit products and their display for […]

Architecture and Intellectual Property: Is it possible to protect a building?

Architecture encompasses a range of disciplines. Design, functionality, technique and, at times, good taste, come into play to achieve a result that comprises all of these in one: the building. But who does the “work” belong to? Can you protect a building? Imagine (for a joyful moment) that you are the architect of your favorite […]

Protection for Talavera pottery, Elche footwear or Albacete knives

An EU proposal for a regulation could help protect craft products and the qualities attributed to specific local skills and traditions. Talavera pottery, Elche footwear and Albacete knives are undoubtedly well-known the world over. The challenge now is to protect them on the register as geographical indications of craft and industrial products.  The EU specifically […]

WIPO World Intellectual Property Indicators 2021: the pandemic did not stop intellectual property

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published its 2021 Indicators Report (WIPI Report 2021). In this article we will look at the main aspects of the document, which provides a detailed analysis of global trends in relation to filing, registration, validity and other aspects of intellectual property around the globe, as we did with […]

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