Debunking ‘green sheen’: the new rules on environmental claims

The new EU Directive seeks to put an end to greenwashing and early obsolescence practices. The majority of the obligations it lays down are already punishable through existing unfair competition regulations. However, the new EU greenwashing directive fills certain legal voids. The Greenwashing Directive puts down in black and white what we already knew: do […]

Kerry versus Kerry: coexistence or likelihood of confusion between trademarks

Although trademarks may well coexist peacefully in some markets it is not always the case in other countries where their origin is less well known. This is illustrated by a recent dispute heard by the Supreme Court between two trademarks for butter and margarine from county Kerry in Ireland. The two trademarks, Kerrygold and Kerrymaid, […]

The EU reaches a strategic agreement to protect European geographical indications in China

Several designations of origin for Spanish wine, oil and cheese will be protected from imitations in China – a market which is becoming ever more essential for Spanish companies. What do Champagne, Roquefort, Porto, Parma, La Rioja and La Mancha have in common? They are all examples of names that are commonly associated with agricultural […]