Battle for gene editing: the US Appeals Court rules on CRISPR patents

The Danish company SNIPR Biome, which researches and develops CRISPR-based microbial gene therapy, has obtained a favorable decision in defense of its patents. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has overturned the decision of the PTAB which had ruled in favor of Rockefeller University and canceled five of the company’s patents on […]

The key to patenting software: first solve the problem, then write the code

The Spanish legal system does not consider computer programs to be inventions as such, so that, in itself, software is not patentable. However, inventions implemented using a computer, this is, computer programs that solve a technical problem can be registered as patents. Therefore, the key to registration is the ability to demonstrate that executing the […]

COVID-19 and the compulsory licensing of patents

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries may review their internal legislation on compulsory licensing of patents for medical products so that it can be granted smoothly and speedily, in case it does become a necessity. As the world eagerly awaits any and all developments in therapeutics and vaccines to treat and prevent COVID-19, […]

How to protect innovation in the cosmetics industry: patents, utility models or trade secrets?

The cosmetics industry in Spain is a clear example of innovation and competition. According to the Spanish Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumery Association (STANPA), Spain generates around 36% of the industry’s European patents. Companies in this field invest between 3.4% and 5% of their turnover in R+D+i, a percentage that is well above that of other […]