Make no mistake about it – software functionalities cannot be protected 

EU legislation has chosen intellectual property law as the main way of protecting computer programs – an essential asset to increase the competitive edge of both European companies and their products worldwide. Protection is easy to obtain because it is sufficient for the software in question to be original; there is no need to register […]

How do you protect a website?

Nowadays it seems that if you don’t appear on the Internet, you don’t exist. For this reason, many companies invest a great deal of money and effort in creating an attractive website that grabs users’ attention and which has good usability features. The investment made in achieving those objectives is substantial and it is therefore […]

Italy’s Supreme Court applies Cofemel Case to confirm KIKO Stores’ copyright protection

An Italian ruling allows companies to use intellectual property law to protect the design of their shops in certain circumstances. This opens up an interesting way of protection for those firms that decide to invest in design to achieve a differentiated image in their establishments. Not only fashionistas associate a store design to a particular […]