Debunking ‘green sheen’: the new rules on environmental claims

The new EU Directive seeks to put an end to greenwashing and early obsolescence practices. The majority of the obligations it lays down are already punishable through existing unfair competition regulations. However, the new EU greenwashing directive fills certain legal voids. The Greenwashing Directive puts down in black and white what we already knew: do […]

Deep fakes: the media and the legal system is under threat

The exponential increase in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate audiovisual content is forcing us to re-think the risks involved in the proliferation of deepfakes. The quality of this synthetic content is such that it can generate situations or conversations that never existed, blurring the line between real and make believe, just like […]

Reviews, professional reviewers and bot farms: new obligations for online businesses

New rules on online reviews of products will be coming into force on May 28. Digital businesses will have to bear in mind new requirements in relation to users’ assessments of their products and take steps to improve the truth and authenticity of their comments. The majority of the amendments of the General Consumer and […]

Data libraries are not eligible for protection as computer programs

  A judgment handed down by the Barcelona Provincial Appellate Court on April 7, 2021 sheds more light on the scope of protection of computer programs by clarifying that data libraries included in programs are not eligible for protection as part of the programs but rather, where applicable, must seek the protection afforded to databases […]

Make no mistake about it – software functionalities cannot be protected 

EU legislation has chosen intellectual property law as the main way of protecting computer programs – an essential asset to increase the competitive edge of both European companies and their products worldwide. Protection is easy to obtain because it is sufficient for the software in question to be original; there is no need to register […]

Influencers, bullfighting, deepfakes, AI, biopics… the Garrigues IP Blog celebrates its first birthday, covering all the hot topics.

  It’s the first anniversary of the Garrigues IP Blog. An orbit around the sun full of new developments, trends and reflections on intellectual property, with the analysis of our professional experts on the subject. During this period we have been able to count on the unwavering support of our readers and subscribers to our […]

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