Influencers, bullfighting, deepfakes, AI, biopics… the Garrigues IP Blog celebrates its first birthday, covering all the hot topics.

  It’s the first anniversary of the Garrigues IP Blog. An orbit around the sun full of new developments, trends and reflections on intellectual property, with the analysis of our professional experts on the subject. During this period we have been able to count on the unwavering support of our readers and subscribers to our […]

New decision of the CJEU regarding embedding and communication to the public

‘Hyperlinking’ is the possibility of presenting, in a webpage, clickable buttons and pictures that lead to additional content, which is not hosted on the same webpage. This feature, which has been one of the defining characteristics of the Internet since its inception, presents unique challenges to copyright law. On March 9, the Court of Justice […]

Deepfakes and their relationship with publicity rights: What’s the limit?

We have been hearing the word ‘deepfake’ a great deal in the last few weeks, thanks to an ad by a well-known beer producer which has brought back to life the much-missed artist Lola Flores. In this post we will be looking at the cases in which this technology can be used and the legal […]

Debate over television series based on real events: “Biopics” and honor, privacy and publicity rights

Following the debate that has arisen with the famous series The Crown, the British culture secretary has proposed that a warning be added to clarify that it is a fictional series based on historic events. This poses a few interesting questions: Is it necessary to obtain consent from the people involved to make a series […]

Atresmedia versus AGEDI-AIE: Are artists and their labels entitled to equitable remuneration for the use of their music on television?

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that artists and their record labels are not entitled to charge equitable remuneration for the communication to the public of synchronized songs incorporated in audiovisual works. The judgement of November 18, 2020 (case C-147/19) has curbed the intentions of the Spanish collecting societies AGEDI […]

Imitations and image rights: You look familiar?

Attention comedians! Imitations of famous personalities, although common practice in the audiovisual market can create problems from the standpoint of image rights. Encarna de noche, by Martes y Trece, the unforgettable characters in Homo Zapping, the Guignols, or internationally, Saturday Night Live sketches, are just a few examples of imitations of well-known characters that form […]

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