How patent’s priority affects the protection of industrial designs

Today, April 27, is International Design Day, an event, which seeks to recognize the value of design in society and business. Under the nomenclature ‘industrial designs’, designs were considered industrial property rights in their own right under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (PCPIP) of March 20, 1883, which laid down the […]

The Lego case: The EGC recognizes the validity of the design protecting one of its famous construction blocks

  Marta González Aleixandre, Associate Intellectual Property Department European Justice has found in favor of LEGO in its General Court Judgment (GC) of March 24, 2021 in case T-515/19, recognizing the validity of a design consisting of the representation of a block which is a component of this well-known construction game. The decision focuses on […]