Statement of use of a trademark: a requirement in the USA that does not exist in the EU

The use of a trademark is crucial to preserve the rights in the mark. However, whereas in the US the statement of use is essential to maintain the registration, in the EU, it does not exist. Let’s take a look. The registration of a trademark grants the exclusive right to use a particular sign to […]

Trade names as a protective tool in the event of subsequent trademark applications

Often, during scrutiny and examination of an intellectual property portfolio, trade names will be found among the trademarks. Although these assets are similar, their purpose is not identical, and this fact should be taken into consideration when designing an effective protective strategy to ensure that the rights in these signs are enforced in respect of […]

What if we change change our logo? The legal implications of making variations in a trademark

The European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN) has recently published Common Practice on the use of trademarks in a form different from the one in which they were registered. This is a frequent source of friction between the marketing and legal departments of a company, as from a commercial perspective, the need for change does […]

Where’s my world trademark?

No. Unfortunately the following article will not be announcing a new global trademark affording worldwide protection to goods and services. No such thing exists, nor is anything like it expected any time soon. The territoriality principle governs, and will continue to govern, intellectual property rights at international level. That is, trademarks will continue to be […]